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Season One Duelest Kingdom
1.Heart Of The Cards
2.The Gauntlet Is Thrown
3.Journey To Duelest Kingdom
4.Into The Hornest Nest
5.The Ultimate Great Moth
6.First Duel
7.Attack From The Deep
8.Everythings Relative
9.Duel With Ghoul
10.Give Up The Ghost
11.The Dueling Monkey
12.Trial By The Red Eyes
13.Evil Spirit Of The Ring
14.The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
15.Winning Through Intimidation
16.The Scars Of Defeat
17.Arena Of Lost Souls Part One
18.Arena Of Lost Souls Part Two
19.Double Trouble Duel Part One
20.Double Trouble Duel Part Two
21.Double Trouble Duel Part Three
22.Face Off Part One
23.Face Off Part Two
24.Face Off Part Three
25.Shining Friendship
26.Champion VS Creator Part One
27.Champion VS Creator Part Two
28.The Night Before
29.Duel Identy Part One
30.Duel Identy Part Two
31.Keiths Machinations Part One
32.Keiths Machinations Part Two
33.Best Of Friends Best Of Duelest Part One
34.Best Of Friends Best Of Duelest Part Two
35.Yugi VS Pegasis Match Of The Millenium Part One
36.Yugi VS Pegasis Match Of The Millenium Part Two
37.Yugi VS Pegasis Match Of The Millenium Part Three
38.Yugi VS Pegasis Match Of The Millenium Part Four
39.Yugi VS Pegasis Match Of The Millenium Part Five
41.The Wrath Of Rebecca
42.The Ties Of Friendship
43.Legendary Heroes Part One
44.Legendary Heroes Part Two
45.Legendary Heroes Part Three
46.Dungen Dice Monsters Part One
47.Dungen Dice Monsters Part Two
48.Dungen Dice Monsters Part Three
49.Dungen Dice Monsters Part Four
Season Two Battle City
50.The Mystery Duelest Part One
51.The Mystery Duelest Part Two
52.The Past Is Prologue
53.Steppin Out
54.Obelisk The Tormenter
55.Stalked By The Rare Hunters
56.Yugi VS Rare Hunter Part One
57.Yugi VS Rare Hunter Part Two
58.Espa Roba The ESP Duelest Part One
59.Espa Roba The ESP Duelest Part Two
60.The Master Of Magitions Part One
61.The Master Of Magitions Part Two
62.The Master Of Magitions Part Three
63.Playing With Parasite Part One
64.Playing With Parasite Part Two
65.Mind Control Part One
66.Mind Control Part Two
67.Mind Control Part Three
68.Legendary Fishermen Part One
69.Legendary Fishermen Part Two
70.Double Duel Part One
71.Double Duel Part Two
72.Double Duel Part Three
73.Double Duel Part Four
74.The Rescue
75.Friends Til The End Part One
76.Friends Til The End Part Two
77.Friends Til The End Part Three
78.Friends Til The End Part Four
79.Shadow Of A Duel
80.Lights Camera Action
Season Three Battle Ship
81.Let The Finals Begin
82.The Dark Secret Revealed Part One
83.The Dark Secret Revealed Part Two
84.The Dark Secret Revealed Part Three
85.Rage Of The Egyptian Gods
86.Awakening Of Evil Part One
87.Awakening Of Evil Part Two
88.Awakening Of Evil Part Three
89.Awakening Of Evil Part Four
90.Mind Game Part One
91.Mind Game Part Two
92.Mind Game Part Three
93.A Duel With Desteny Part One
94.A Duel With Desteny Part Two
95.The Tomb Keepers Secret
96.Showdown In The Shadows Part One
97.Showdown In The Shadows Part Two
98.A Virtual Nightmare
99.Isolated In Cyber Space Part One
100.Isolated In Cyber Space Part Two
101.Isolated In Cyber Space Three
102.Freeze Play Part One
103.Freeze Play Part Two
104.Courtroom Chaos Part One
105.Courtroom Chaos Part Two
106.Mechanical Mayhem Part One
107.Mechanical Mayhem Part Two
108.Settling The Score Part One
109.Settling The Score Part Two
110.Noahs Secret
111.Merger Of The Big Five Part One
112.Merger Of The Big Five Part Two
113.Merger Of The Big Five Part Three
114.Noah VS Kaiba Part One
115.Noah VS Kaiba Part Two
116.Noah VS Kaiba Part Three
117.Change Of Decks Yugi VS Noah
118.10000LP VS 100LP
119.Darkness Of The Kaiba Family
120.Miraculous Escape Blue Eyes VS Exodia Part One
121.Miraculous Escape Blue Eyes VS Exodia Part Two
Season Four Alcatraz Tower
122.Place Of The Finals Alcatraz
123.Battle Royal
124.Their Respective Opponents
125.Joey VS Marik Part One
126.Joey VS Marik Part Two
127.Turning The Tide Warrior Of Thunder
128.Joeys Death
129.Air Battle Colosseum Yugi VS Kaiba
130.God Summoning Tri Knights
131.Intense Conflict Slither VS Obelisk
132.Destroy The Hatred Black Paladin Part One
133.Destroy The Hatred Black Paladin Part Two
134.Destroy The Hatred Black Paladin Part Three
135.The Common Folks Path Of Flames Joey VS Kaiba
136.Blue Eyes White Dragon VS Blue Eyes White Dragon
137.The Path Of Duelest Mind
138.Final Yugi VS Marik
139.Devils Sancturary Arises
140.An Eternal Wall God Slime
141.Obelisk Anger Soul Energy Max
142.The End Of Battle City
143.The Destruction Of Alcatraz
Season Five Wakeing The Dragons
144.A Sign
145.A New Evil Part One
146.A New Evil Part Two
147.Legend Of The Dragons
148.The Creator Returns
149.Deja Duel Part One
150.Deja Duel Part Two
151.An Unexpected Enemy
152.My Freaky Valentine Part One
153.My Freaky Valentine Part Two
154.My Freaky Valentine Part Three
155.The Challenge
156.Fate Of The Pharoh Part One
157.Fate Of The Pharoh Part Two
158.Fate Of The Pharoh Part Three
159.Trial By Stone
160.On The Wrong Track Part One
161.On The Wrong Track Part Two
162.On The Wrong Track Part Three
163.Self Destruction
164.Reliving The Past
165.Deck Of Armor
166.Flight Of Fear Part One
167.Flight Of Fear Part Two
168.Paradice Found
169.Fighting For A Friend Part One
170.Fighting For A Friend Part Two
171.Fighting For A Friend Part Three
172.Fighting For A Friend Part Four
173.Fighting For A Friend Part Five
174.Grappling With Gaurdian Part One
175.Grappling With Gaurdian Part Two
176.Grappling With Gaurdian Part Three
177.A Duel With Dartz Part One
178.A Duel With Dartz Part Two
179.A Duel With Dartz Part Three
180.A Duel WIth Dartz Part Four
181.A Duel With Dartz Part Five
182.A Duel With Dartz Part Six
183.Rise Of Lebiathen Part One
184.Rise Of Lebiathen Part Two
Season Six KC Grand Prix
185.KC Grand Prix Opening
186.Start Of A Conspiracy
187.Joey VS Mask Rock
188.The Illusive Ancient Dragon
189.Hot Battle Rebbecca VS Vivian
190.Joey VS Sieg A Gorgeous Duel
191.Goddess Of Monster Extermenation
192.Genius Girl VS Genius Boy
193.Leon In FairyLand
194.Kaibas Confusion!The Desive Battle Of The KC Grand Prix
195.Walkure VS Blue Eyes White Dragon
196.The Decisive Battle Yugi VS Duel King
197.Stormburk Castle Of Gold
198.The End Of The KC Grand Prix
199.Ultimate Game
Season Seven Pharhs Memories
200.Yami Bacura On The Move
201.The Door Of Memory Opens
202.Watch Out! Bacura King Of Thiefs
203.Mahados Decision
204.Battle To The Death Mahado VS Bacura
205.Blue Eyes Kisara
206.Secret Of The Creation Of The Millenium Items
207.Wound Back Time
208.Pharoh Has Survived
209.The Village Of Dead Spirites
210.The End Of The Thief King Bacura
211.New Stage
212.The Dark Priest
213.CountDown To The Great Deman Revival
214.White Dragon
215.Revival Of The Great Deman Zork
216.The Legendary Protecter God Exodia Revives
217.Summon The Three Gods
218.Zork VS Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
219.In The Name Of The Pharoh
220.The Final Test
221.Last Duel Of Destiny
222.Defeat The Three Gods
223.Strong Heart Tender Heart
224.The Story That Completes In The Light
Next Is Yugioh Gx after Yugioh Gx theirs a rumor there is a series called Yugih Z!Yugih GX is playing in Japan you can get it online in japenese.Mainly on Ebay or Amazon.